Thursday, May 12, 2011

LEGOs In The Silverware Drawer

The other morning I woke up and went into the kitchen, it looked like a bomb went off. All of the stuff from 4 of the kitchen drawers were all over the counters, and if you knew my Grandma that included a lot of stuff. She has built in wood dividers in her silverware drawer. She was mad that the silverware was scraping up the wood at the back of the drawer. She was trying the drawer dividers she had in the junk drawer to see if they fit in the dividers built into the drwaer, thus the hundreds of matchbooks all over the stove. She was working on this project for a good 4 hours. Eventually her best solution was taking some large size LEGOs out of the kids’ toy box in the garage and putting them at the back of each divided section. I will say they serve their purpose, but they look horrible, and it’s a little weird to open the silverware drawer and see LEGOs. I can’t wait till the kids see them in there and take them out.

Thanks God: Sometimes the best solutions are not always the best looking. Thank you God that your plans for us are better than what we can imagine for ourselves.

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