Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apparently I'm Into Owls!

Because of the semi new color scheme in my bedroom I've been looking for some new accessories. I'm not the type of person that likes a bunch of nicknacks around (my Grandma has enough of those to last both her and my lifetimes). I do however believe you new a few accessories that make the room, and its a great way to add another color to the room.

A few weeks ago I was in a metro area looking at a lot of different stores for accessories. On of my friends found this really cool elephant and I was hoping to find something a little different like that. (I thought about stealing the elephant from him, but I think he might notice considering it's in his living room and he spends 90% of his time there) I went to Hobby Lobby where he got it from and spent over an hour looking around. I did not however have any success or at any of the other stores I went to. Finally I was going to give up and leave when I found an owl. It was a fat, super cute owl, just the right size but the wrong color. I bought the owl with the intention of spray painting it the right color. Today I went to a garage sale with my sister and grandma (apparently thats a thing I do now too!). I did not find anything (but wasn't really looking for anything) and when I was about to leave my sister saw a blue owl pitcher. I bought the pitcher and plan on spray painting it too. I guess with 2 owls I'd consider myself 'into owls". Who knew...get it who...haha

Thanks God: Again I am surprised by what some people see and what others miss. Thank you God that you see all and created the beauty we see around us.

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