Thursday, May 12, 2011

LEGOs In The Silverware Drawer

The other morning I woke up and went into the kitchen, it looked like a bomb went off. All of the stuff from 4 of the kitchen drawers were all over the counters, and if you knew my Grandma that included a lot of stuff. She has built in wood dividers in her silverware drawer. She was mad that the silverware was scraping up the wood at the back of the drawer. She was trying the drawer dividers she had in the junk drawer to see if they fit in the dividers built into the drwaer, thus the hundreds of matchbooks all over the stove. She was working on this project for a good 4 hours. Eventually her best solution was taking some large size LEGOs out of the kids’ toy box in the garage and putting them at the back of each divided section. I will say they serve their purpose, but they look horrible, and it’s a little weird to open the silverware drawer and see LEGOs. I can’t wait till the kids see them in there and take them out.

Thanks God: Sometimes the best solutions are not always the best looking. Thank you God that your plans for us are better than what we can imagine for ourselves.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Apparently I'm Into Owls!

Because of the semi new color scheme in my bedroom I've been looking for some new accessories. I'm not the type of person that likes a bunch of nicknacks around (my Grandma has enough of those to last both her and my lifetimes). I do however believe you new a few accessories that make the room, and its a great way to add another color to the room.

A few weeks ago I was in a metro area looking at a lot of different stores for accessories. On of my friends found this really cool elephant and I was hoping to find something a little different like that. (I thought about stealing the elephant from him, but I think he might notice considering it's in his living room and he spends 90% of his time there) I went to Hobby Lobby where he got it from and spent over an hour looking around. I did not however have any success or at any of the other stores I went to. Finally I was going to give up and leave when I found an owl. It was a fat, super cute owl, just the right size but the wrong color. I bought the owl with the intention of spray painting it the right color. Today I went to a garage sale with my sister and grandma (apparently thats a thing I do now too!). I did not find anything (but wasn't really looking for anything) and when I was about to leave my sister saw a blue owl pitcher. I bought the pitcher and plan on spray painting it too. I guess with 2 owls I'd consider myself 'into owls". Who knew...get it who...haha

Thanks God: Again I am surprised by what some people see and what others miss. Thank you God that you see all and created the beauty we see around us.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Am I Suppose To Care?!

On a highway that I travel frequently that passes though a small town somewhere in Nebraska there is a movie rental store. A few days ago I passed the sign and it said "Under New Management". What does that even mean, and why should I care? Does it mean they hired a new manager? If so how does that effect me and the hundreds of other that pass the sign. Does it mean someone sold it and another person bought it? If so wouldn't that mean it should say "Under New Ownership". I mean if someone did buy it I'm sorry they invested in a dying business, but maybe some towns/people don't know about the magic of Netflix yet. I just really don't understand why they used their outside sign to say "Under New Management".

Along the rental note, I found a VHS movie in my stuff that was from a gas station. This gas station no longer does rentals and I'm not even sure how I got it. This VHS must have been in my possession since the last time I lived here, which means I've had it with me for at least the past 11 years. Why have I been packing and unpacking this VHS for the last 11 years every time I moved to a new city or a new place? Did it go under my notice, or did I just think to myself, I'll watch that VHS on my non-existent VCR sometime soon?! I know 3 people who still use a VCR and that's it. I tried giving it to one of them and they didn't even want it. Maybe I should take it back to the gas station!

Thanks God: I cannot believe some of the thing people hang onto. Thank you God that once we give something to you, we can take it off our plates, or out of our hearts.

Monday, April 25, 2011

This Is The Best Thing Ever!

I would consider myself a very Green person. I watch my consumerism as well as shop green and recycle. I reuse and re-purpose. At my last company I was always challenging others to conserve and recycle wherever I saw the opportunity. I also push others, including my own family, to recycle as much as possible. For years I have taken my recycling items to a site. I always saw the little green totes the garbage company offered that would blow away and dump everything all over the place because they had no lid. Plus they are so small, I don’t think they would hold one week worth of things I recycle.

I saw and advertisement in the paper for curbside pickup of recyclables where you had a full size trashcan to put them in. Plus you earn rewards by the amount you recycle. They take plastics # 1-7! And you don’t have to separate anything! This is the most amazing thing ever, plus when you signed up you get 2 months for free. Needless to say I signed up and had two pickups already. How did you celebrate Earth Day?! I was pretty sad when I heard Lowe's was giving away free trees, I was pretty tempted to drive to my Lowe's, but the emissions from my car for the drive there would defeat the purpose. My Grandma's neighbor even asked about the service.

Thanks God: We should all do our part to help our planet, and if passionate enough encourage others to do their part as well. Thank you God that you gave us so much to be stewards of.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mystery Zone: Part 2

Yesterday I made my 4th trip ever to the dollar store. (I’m not sure if it really counts as the 4th because the first 3 were all made in the same day) I blogged before about how surprised I was to find my pantry organizing supplies at the dollar store. Yesterday however I was very disappointed, I didn’t find anything I was looking for, and it was only one thing. I wanted a wire basket to hold the bags of rice in our lazy susan. I have 2 wire baskets purchased from Target in storage and hoped to find another like that. I even checked Target, and couldn’t find the same basket.  The only wire basket the dollar store had to offer was a divided basket for silverware and napkins. Not was I was looking for.

As I wondered around the dollar store (waiting for my Mom and Grandma) I just wasn’t as delightfully surprised with what I was finding as last time. Maybe my good experience to the dollar store was a fluke?! Right before we were going to leave I ended up on the back isles of the store with the tiny end caps. That is were I found a glimmer of hope. I found a super cute ceramic pitcher that would make a great spring/summer vase for flowers! It would have been cute enough to go into my room, but the color was a butter cream and my accessories are not that color in my room. I also found cute shoes, but rethought that when I realized I couldn’t bring myself to pay $8 at the dollar store for shoes (or anything really), and I also couldn’t bring myself to buy $8 shoes (or shoes period) from the dollar store. I also found super cute glass jars with brushed silver lids that came in 2 different sizes. I’m not sure what I would do with them so I didn’t buy any yet, yet. So I bought my $4 pitcher and lived to tell another story about the Mystery Zone.
(And yes, my niece Julya played with the display of neon wind chimes again)

Thanks God: The secret hidden treasures in dollar stores are on the back endcaps, so I've learned on my last trip there, I'm really no expert! Thank you God that no matter what we see, you see hidden treasures in all of us!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Moved In And No Closet To Show For It!

Well it's been a month living at Grandma's house and there is one thing I haven't gotten around to addressing closet. Ever since moving out of my parents house I've had walk-in closets at almost all of my places. When I lived in a 2 bedroom 2 bath 3 story town house I had 2 closets, one walk-in and one double doors and the whole place to myself. My last house had a walk-in closet, and it was full top to bottom. I am use to filling up the closets! I am also use to having some room to work with so I can organize my closet as I see best.

At my Grandma's house I have a double door closet and that's it. My mind shuts down when I open my closet doors. I am use to having my clothes organized by color and type, not randomly put in there and falling off the hangers! It's been a month and I just can't seem to get myself into the right mind frame to attempt to organize my closet.

I guess it doesn't really matter at the moment, I don't have a job, I don't have a church, and I'm not apart of any organizations. Haha, I could stay in my PJs all day if I wanted to! Guess there really is no reason to worry about finding clothes when I don't  need them, not yet anyway!

Thanks God: Your grace is sufficient for me and so is my closet space. Thank you God that You forgive us for complaining about Your goodness!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Am Allergic to This County!

Today makes one month of living with my Grandma. I think the time has flown by but there is one thing making me mad. I think there is something about this county I am allergic to. For the past 2 months (one of getting the house spruced up and one of living) I have been sneezing uncontrollably. If I have been allergic to something in the past it has never really bothered me and I couldn't tell you what I was allergic to. But now for the past two months I've had to deal with itchy eyes, sneezing and other allergy symptoms. I even went as far as buying eye drops and medication to help with allergy symptoms, a first for me. I know you can develop allergies when you get older, I just hoped I wouldn't be one of those people after seeing my mom suffer for years from allergies.

Yesterday my Sister and I went to a metro area to see a movie. On the way back we were talking about my sneezing issues and what it could be from. I told her how it all started when I started working on our Grandma's house. This time frame also lines up with Spring so which is it? Do my allergies have to do with Spring and that also just happened to coincide with working on my Grandma's house and spending a lot of time there? Or do my allergies really have to do with something inside her house? I honestly think it might have something to do with her carpet, or something else. But while we were driving as soon as we entered our county I started sneezing again. So now my conclusion is I'm allergic to this whole county. If it's true it really is too bad because I don't plan on moving anytime soon! (more like I don't plan on moving my stuff anytime soon and I know those of you who helped move me are agreeing)

Thanks God: There are a lot of people who suffer from allergies. I can now sympathize with how those people feel, unfortunately! Thanks you God for your healing touch!

Monday, April 18, 2011

“It’s So Ugly We Might As Well Go Out!” – Grandma

The weather dictates my Grandma’s plans. Like many old people if it’s snowing, raining, too hot or any thing other than 60 and sunny they may not want to go outside. The other day it was sprinkling and my Grandma had me go to the grocery store for 1 item. When Nebraska had the freak snow storm this past Friday I figured she would want to stay home all day. I was discussing with my sister who was over with her 3 girls what I should make for lunch. My Grandma said “It’s so ugly we might as well go out!” She wanted a tuna salad sandwich, quite possibly the easiest thing to make at home. But instead of staying home all 6 of us forged though the storm and went to Subway. I guess I will have to rethink my theory about old people and the weather!

Thanks God: The weather in Nebraska will always keep us on our toes, and give people something to talk about. Thank you God for providing relief from the recent drought.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Am I So Dirty?!

I am really excited to have a huge garden this year. Growing up I would help my Mom with her large garden, and over the past decade when I made it home I’d help my Grandma with hers. This year I’ll have my own garden, thanks to Grandma’s guidance. I have been planning my garden online and once it stops snowing here I’ll be able to get to work on it. Ever since I watched Food Inc. I’ve wanted to become more self sufficient in the food department.

We went shopping for seed potatoes at a local grocery store. I picked out 4 different types of potatoes and gathered them up into separate bags. When I was done I had mud and dirt all over my hands. I couldn’t figure out why, my Mom and Grandma did not have issues like I did. I got some napkins and put water on it from the soda fountain. About ten minutes later and way too many napkins I was clean.

A few hours later I put a lot of lotion on my hands. When you’ve been doing as much remodeling, yard work and handywoman type stuff live I have the past two months you need lotion. I don’t think I’ve had this many blisters on my hands since working in the fields. While rubbing in my lotion I realized why I was so dirty at the grocery store. Right before going to the grocery store I put 3 pumps of lotion on my hands. Note to any gardeners out there; if you are going to be in the dirt don’t lotion first!

Thanks God: We don’t always have understanding right away. Thank you God that though devotion and study understanding you is possible!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

UPS Now Knows Where My Grandma Lives!

Thanks to my obsession with UPS visits my Grandma’s house more so than ever. The only things UPS delivered before I moved in were things that I ordered online for her. (You have to love Amazon Prime) Even though I’m unemployed some things are a necessity. Plus who else will keep consumer confidence up if I don’t?!

A couple weeks ago UPS delivered the new release CD by one of my favorite artists, The Boxer Rebellion. I was excited to get their new album, and my sister wanted to know why I was so excited. I told her about the CD. She said she had heard of the Boxer Rebellion. I told her I have all of their albums so maybe she saw them on my iPod or in my car. She pulled out my computer and found out why she knew about the Boxer Rebellion. She took an Asian studies class in college and learned about it. The Boxer Rebellion was a proto-nationalist movement by the “Righteous Harmony Society” in Northern China from 1899 to 1901. I guess you never know when your random college courses will come in handy.

Thanks God: Many of us do things and at the time we don’t see your purpose in it. Thank you God that you never forsake us and if we are open to you and your will we can see your hand moving in our lives.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Put This Wall Here?!

I have some serious getting use to when it comes to my bathroom and my head is paying the price. It’s been almost a month since moving in with my Grandma but there are some things I haven’t quite gotten use to.

My bathroom here is much, much, smaller than my old house. In my private bathroom there is a sink, a toilet and a shower. My grandpa built this house so most things about it are great. However the wall that separates the toilet and the shower kind of sneaks up on you. I have naturally curly hair so if I wear my hair curly that day I bend over and scrunch up my hair. I think almost every other day I hit my head on the wall, either while going down, or up to scrunch my hair. You would think I would learn by now that there is a wall there, but I haven’t yet.

Thanks God: Sometimes it takes some people longer than others to learn lessons. Thank you God, that no matter how long it takes us to learn something you are there with us every step of the way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping with Your Sister is Fun, Just Don’t Let Her See What You Are Buying!

My sister and I have always enjoyed shopping together. I think at one point in time we use to be the same size for clothes and shoes. Unfortunately that didn’t last forever and my feet continued to grow. As for clothes, even after my sister gave birth to 4 children we are still not the same size. So, unless its pajama bottoms or sweatshirts we don’t really share clothes.

For quite a while my sister wore her college staples; jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts and sweats. She never really was a fashionable sort of person, but then we did grow up on a farm, and my mother would not be considered a fashion icon. Yesterday my sister asked me what D&G stood for on cheap sunglasses. I’m not sure where I got my fashion skills from, I guess I’d consider myself somewhat fashionable in high school, but I think I really found my own style in college and the years beyond. A couple years ago my sister (with her husband’s encouragement) let me give her a makeover. Hair that wouldn’t automatically go into a pony tail and other things to wear with jeans that did not include something you could buy at a grocery store.

The makeover went great and she has received a lot of complements on her new look. Since I’ve now taught her the basics she can shop on her own and she does pretty well. We still disagree about some things, like her apprehension to heels, and mine to faux suede boots and jackets. She also has a few factors to keep in mind that I don’t, like child friendly material and if breast feeding is easy or not in certain tops.

A few weeks ago my sister, my grandma, the 3 girls and myself made a day trip to a metro town. While we were shopping we both spied a cardigan. To be fair she did point it out, and saw it first. (I’m sure shopping while unemployed is not recommended, but there are just some things you “need” when the seasons change)  I’m not sure if we realized we both purchased the same cardigan in the same color or not but that following Sunday we were both wearing it. I guess now we will have to call each other to make sure the other is not wearing it.

Thanks God: Sisters are great and sometimes a pain. Thank you God that you give us people in our lives to share the good and the bad times with (and shopping).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25

Who knew driving 25 mph would feel fast when you don’t have a job. This is coming from someone who in response to the question how long does it take to drive somewhere I say, “Depends on how fast you drive”. This also comes from a girl who lived in a metro area where 45 mph speed limits turned into 55, minimum. I guess having no job and no kids you don’t really need to drive 25. Last week I was following my sister into town who said “What took you so long, you were driving like Grandma!” I guess It takes being out of work to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Thanks God: I suggest slowing down and taking some time for yourself today. Thank you God that if we are either busy and running around, or on a slow track your creation holds beauty for us to behold, if we just take a look.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank God for Carpeted Bathroom Floors!

I have never understood why the floor in my bedroom bathroom was carpeted. I can't recall another bathroom I've ever seen with carpet. Well now I know. I had a bug in my system yesterday and ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor a few times. I used my towel as a pillow, my bath rug as a blanket and was made a little more comfortable by the carpeted bathroom floor.

Thanks God: Carpet on the bathroom floor silly or genius?! Thank you God for healing my stomach!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Used Books Freak Me Out!

How do you sanitize used books? You can’t. I’m kind of a crazy when it comes to other people’s germs. I bought a bunch of DVD from 2 rental locations that were closing and I had to buy sanitizing wipes. I wiped down the inside, outside and disc of over 100 DVDs.  I even wash carrots before I peel them, and sanitized the lid of a can before opening it. My Grandma however does not share the same concerns as I do. I made ham salad when she wasn’t home, so she ate some out of the dog dish (used pickle jar) that had been sitting on the counter all day just to see what it tasted like.  I swear that lady has a rock solid stomach. Awhile back my friends took me to the ½ price book store; I had to confess my secret, and stayed in the new cookbooks area, but didn’t buy anything.

Until about 2 years ago I would never buy used books. Again there really is no way of sanitizing paper books! The only reason I bought used books was because I like to buy only hardcover books if I can. An author I got really into had a lot of hardcover books that were out of print and the only way to get them was to buy used. Most of the books were not even available in paperback now. Not knowing my feelings on the subject my friends couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to the ½ price book store yet. I didn’t even know they were almost only used books, otherwise I would have said why I stayed away. One night after dinner we had some time to kill before an art show. They decided that because we were in that part of town they would take me to the book store. When we got there I was excited to see what kind of books I’d be able to find there (this was before I quit my job so I had money to spend).

The four of us went our separate ways to search out our kinds of books. I started to notice almost immediately that the books were almost all paperback and badly worn. I perused some of the usual genres that I like but ended up like I said before in the new cookbooks once I realized all the ½ books were used. I’ll stick with thank you very much. So in the end I had to confess to my 3 friends that used books freak me out and I’d rather just spend the extra few dollars to get one owner books!

Thanks God: We all have our little hang-ups and idiosyncrasies. Thank you God that despite of or because of you love us all.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Slept With a Fly Swatter Last Night!

I know it’s that time a year for gardens to be planted, lawns to be mowed and bugs to bother us (come alive I mean).  I know we live in Nebraska and bugs are a fact of life. I know God created bugs for a reason…I just wish that reason was not to bother me.

I’ve had issues with bugs and insects my whole life. It all started when I was little and had stitches on my chin and a butterfly landed on the stitches, needless to say I freaked out! Plus add to that the ticks and leeches and chiggers and misquotes and other random creepy crawlies when growing up on a farm. Fast-forward a few years and I think the issues have gotten worse. In my last house all my fly swatters were packed away somewhere in my garage. If I had a bug/spider issue in or around my house I’d pull out my vacuum and suck him and all of it’s friends and their homes up. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was nuts always “vacuuming” my deck, but I don’t care. I could stay far away from the bugs, and still get rid of them thanks to my vacuum attachments!

Another thing that creeps me out about bugs is that feeling you get after you see/kill one. Like last night, I came home and found a bug on the handle of the dryer. My first thought was where is the fly swatter (didn’t pull out the vacuum considering my grandma thinks her electric bill is already to high). My Grandma’s first thought was “What kind of a bug is it?” I don’t know Grandma, I know like 10 kinds of bugs and all the rest fall under creepy crawly. She had to see what kind of a bug it was before I killed it. Then I moved a rag that was drying out on the laundry room sink and a bug falls out from under that. I turned the water on and then put the drain cover on, I hope he can’t swim! Then 2 minutes later I go into my bedroom and behold a spider on the ceiling! I took care of him with a fly swatter and then had to vacuum up the ceiling dust and debris. Why I didn’t just vacuum him up in the first place I don’t know. Now even as I’m typing this I still have the creepy crawly feeling.

So it’s true I slept with a fly swatter on my night stand last night, but I did use a sanitize wipe on it after the spider died!

Thanks God: Spring time is wonderful, maybe a little less so if you have allergies or ongoing issues with bugs. Thank you God for the beauty of this planet and all your wonderful creatures, even the ones that have 8 or more eyes and legs!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your Coupon Download Gave Me a Virus.

My sister is the most frugal person I know. Price matching, coupon cutting and now with the internet she can get her hands on even more coupons and deals. Now that I'm jobless I'm taking a few notes from her, but she is by far in a league of her own. The other day she wanted to print some coupons from a website. She was using my computer and apparently didn't really know what she was doing. She downloaded the coupon printing software 8 times, and I had already installed that same software for a Disney coupon a year ago. After she asked me what the deal was we figured out the site she was using wasn't working because I was able to print coupons from a different site. 

A few days later my anti-virus said I had a Trojan virus from the coupon printing program. 8 of them to be exact! I freaked out considering I had yet to renew the anti-virus software and it had been out of date for a month. After paying the money to renew the program I scanned for viruses. Thankfully there were no Trojans and I deleted the software 8 times. Next time she wants some coupons I think I should help her out from the beginning!

Thanks God: When it comes to computers and technology I think we all are flying blind at times. Thank you God that your protection is great enough for this fast paced, smart technology world!

Monday, April 4, 2011

“I Didn’t Know That Window Could Open!” – Mom

While my Grandma and I were sitting in my Mom’s van waiting for her we got hot.  I decide to open the window from the 2nd row, why I didn’t open the door I don’t know considering the manual window opens about 2 inches, if that. On the way home my Mom heard the road noise coming from the open window. She kept looking back and almost got into an accident a few times. She asked where the noise was coming from. I told her I had the window open, she responded with “I didn’t know that window could open!” My Mom has owned the van for awhile, like 5-10 years or maybe even more. Once we got home I had to show her how the window opened and closed.

Thanks God: There are a lot of things that slip our notice. Thank you God that not even the hairs on our head go unnoticed by you.

“I’d Rather Watch Yogi Bear Than Go To Church.” - Grandma

My Grandma's church has Saturday night mass. I've taken my Grandma to church, and she goes with my sister or me to different churches, but she doesn't get to her church very often. This past Saturday she decide she was going to drive herself to church. While she was getting ready (an hour early) my Mom and I decided to watch a movie while we waited for a coat of paint to dry. My mom doesn't like very many movies so we usually have to stay in the G and PG ratings, PG13 pushes it sometimes. We decide on the new Yogi Bear.

While we had the movie going, my Grandma came downstairs and started watching it. A little while later she looks at her watch and says "I'd rather watch Yogi Bear than go to church." So she stayed home and watched the rest of Yogi Bear with us.

Thanks God: Movie choices that everyone can agree on can be a challenge, and sometimes you randomly pick one that everyone likes. Thank you God that we can spend time with you outside of the 4 walls of church.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"I Didn't Know You Could Cook!" -Mom

My mother is great, when I was growing up she was a stay at home mom and helped out with the farming. Almost every meal was home cooked, only problem was she never really taught us how to cook (other than cookies). Over the past 11 years I've been out of my parents house I've learned a few things. 7 of those years I lived alone (happily). If you have every lived by yourself you know its pretty hard to cook for just 1 person. I consider myself a leftover queen, but a lot of these recipes are just too much food for one person. Also I've been busy with my career and other things and sometimes you just don't have time to cook.

Since moving in with my Grandma I've been cooking most of our meals, plus all of our Sunday family dinners (well it's an all day affair so lunch and dinner). Some have been my Grandma's ethnic dishes and she tells me what to do, some have been my recipes and some are from my favorite iPad app I actually enjoy cooking and now that I can cook for more than 1 person I'm finding I enjoy it even more. Also when you don't have a job you have more time for cooking. At my old home when I cooked I would jam out and dance and sing along with music on my iPod (no my blog is not an advertisement for Apple products). I'd put my armband and headphones on and just have fun with it. The other day my Grandma and I were talking about the dances she use to go to with my Grandpa, she asked if I liked to dance. My response was not in public! I think if i started cooking like I did in my last house I'd scare my Grandma and everyone else out of the house!

One time while I was cooking my whole family was over. My Mom said "I didn't know you could cook!" My Grandma and my Sister agreed in unison. I had to explain to them that there was no reason to cook when they came to visit for many reasons. 1. there were better options for eating out. 2. I don't own a dining room table, so when we did eat at my house everyone would just sit on the kitchen floor. (With kids and off white carpet, tv trays just are not a good options) 3. I never had enough food in my house to make much of anything, as a single person chicken and rice is good eating. 4. I couldn't do my dancing and singing routine with everyone around. I could go on but I won't.

So now I'm on a mission to show my family how good of a cook I am, even if I can't dance and sing while doing so. Tonight dinner was so good my Mom asked me to write the recipe down for her. Every time I make a dish my Grandma goes into how good it is, but how she would never make it if she was here by herself. The teriyaki sauce I used to her was like an alien sauce!

Thanks God: There are so many wonderful varieties of food . Thank you God for providing us with so many options for food, and for providing for those who plates are not as full.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mystery Zone = The Dollar Store

The other day I decide to reorganize my Grandma's pantry. I love, love, love to organize things. I looked at a local retailer for some supplies but didn't find what I wanted. I looked online too, but yet again was not happy with what I found. I was about to put my organizing plans on hold till I could visit a bigger town and hope to find something at my favorite Target. My Grandma suggested I look at the local dollar store. I don't mean to sound snobby but I usually don't shop at the dollar store. I just don't think of it as an option when I need something. I don't even know were one is in the last city I lived in. But ok Grandma I'll try it.

My niece Julya (who is about to be 5) went with me on the first trip. I'm amazed at the random things the dollar store had to offer. I can't image the buyer at the corporate dollar store office saying "Yeah I think neon colored wind chimes are a great idea, they will be a hot seller". But I guess you never know. Some of the things found in a dollar store will surprise or scare you....maybe both. If you are ever bored and have nothing to do (like if you don't have a job) then visit your local dollar store for some free entertainment(unless neon wind chimes are your thing, then you might pay a few bucks).

My niece liked playing with the wind chimes while we waited in line to checkout. Yes surprised me to to find a line at the dollar store. We discussed the different material the chimes were made out of. I let her play for a bit until the old lady ahead of us smiled that smile that says your cute but you are annoying me. So I asked her to stop and she did. A little later the wind chimes rung louder and longer than before, it sound like wind chimes going though a dryer. I looked back thinking Julya was messing around, but no it was a lady running into the 2 story wind chime display with her cart (I'm pretty sure she was drunk, or on something by the way she reacted). After the lady somewhat composed herself and her friend composed the display Julya asked "How come she gets to play with the wind chimes?!"

3 trips to the dollar store later the pantry is organized and looking amazing. I guess I might have to put the dollar store on my list of options to shop, well maybe.

Thanks God: Wind chimes are ok, if you have one out side your door, but a display of neon ones is a little too much! Thank you God for children who ask questions and are never too much.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Thought Ice Makers Were a Basic Necessity For Living!

Like and the iPad I've always thought ice makers were the best things ever and that everyone had them. Not so much. I drink a lot of water. I know the analogy of "I drink more water than a fish" isn't true, so if anyone has a good drinking lots of water analogy let me know! I feel like I'm making ice all the time. My Grandma has room for 2, count them 2 ice cube trays in the freezer and a bucket thing below them to hold the already made ice. I think I am actually drinking less water than before just because I am always filling the ice cube trays and it drive me nuts. It's like when I go over to my sisters house and reach for a paper towel. She is always out! I feel as if she purposely uses them all right before I come over so I'm the one that has to go digging downstairs for more. Maybe thats a lesson to be more green in that area and use a washable towel instead. 

I do believe that having an ice maker would be more efficient. I let the water run, then I fill the cubes too full and dump water out. I would be totally willing to pay the $200 or more to get a waterline installed and buy the ice maker for the fridge. (Even though I'm unemployed, I'd be willing to eat noodles for life just to have a ice maker again) As my sister so wisely pointed out, the fridge is pretty old and spending even $100 would be a waste of money. I'm secretly hoping the fridge clunks out so we can get a new one!

Thanks God: No matter what stage of life you are in you have to get use to changes. Thank you for giving me the patience it takes to deal without an automatic ice maker. 

"I just need one to get me going" -Grandma

Whatever you want to call it; farting, passing gas, tooting, stepping on a duck, my grandma does it a lot. Every time she gets up from a sitting position she toots. I must laugh every time she does so because today she said; "Whats so funny?! I just need one to get me going. I know it smells but I might not move without them."

Thanks God: You might have to put up with smelly things for people that you love. Thank you God for a tooting Grandma that is such a blessing in my life.

Grandma Meet Netflix, Netflix Meet Grandma!

The other night I finally watched a Netflix DVD I've had for probably 4 weeks or more. Needless to say things have been pretty busy as of late (even without a job). My grandma was already in bed by the time I put the DVD in the pre-paid return envelope. As I walked around the kitchen I pondered where I should put the DVD so that I would remember to put it in the mailbox the next day. I decided the small desk space in the kitchen made the most sense. I put it return address up and went to bed.

The following morning I walked past the desk a few times and by the 10th time I noticed a Netflix DVD sitting there in the white sleeve, not the envelope. I was slightly confused to say the least! I asked my Grandma what happened there and she went into a rampage of "Well I don't know what that was, what is it, it was just sitting there this morning when I got up, this big red thing, so I opened it and that was what was inside! What is it?!"

I then tried to explain that sometimes I will have mail coming in that big red thing, and that I then have to send it back. She didn't understand and asked "Why would you want to do that?!" I tried a different route to explain that some movies I just don't want to buy and this was like renting them for a short time. That went a little better, but I think she still thinks I'm crazy.

I looked online how to return DVDs without the red envelope (thanking God that she didn't throw all of it way). I found a card envelope that didn't have a card and sent it off 2 stamps later. Do people really take things to the post office to weigh and post, or are they like me and stick a few stamps on it and call it good. Hopefully for the post office I'm over paying to ship things each year and keeping them in business.

Thanks God: Sometimes people do silly things that do not make much sense. Thank you God for your understanding and forgiveness when we do silly things that are not of you.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I paralleled parked for this?!

My sister told me about a bible study that was for 20s-30s working singles. Well I don't have the working part now, but I fit the rest of the criteria. It was just in her church's bulletin this Sunday. I thought why not. I'm pretty sure she thought "lets find her a husband" like she always does. I had a few really great bible studies in my last town and I miss the fellowship. I also haven't gotten around to searching for a church here so I thought this multi denominational bible study would be a great way to talk to people my age about the different churches in town.

So I got out of the pajama pants and went out into the snowy night. I make it seem like it was far away, but it only took me 3 minutes to get there. While I was parallel parking I noticed the coffee shop was pretty dark, but went on with parking (and no matter how good or how bad you are, no one likes to parallel park! If they say they do they are lying!) I walked up to the shop 2 minutes after this bible study started and the door was locked! Locked. I laughed to myself and then walked the few short steps back to my car. I sat there for a few minutes before laughing again and leaving.

On the way home I called my sister. (Despite anything that I might say in my blog she is my best friend and I love her dearly) Her response to my parallel parking joke was to retort with "I got out of my PJs for this?! Then she bombarded me with questions; are you sure it's tonight, was there contact info, why didn't you wait longer, what time is it now (she never knows what time it is), what are you making for lunch tomorrow, did you find a husband yet, do you have any children for my kids to play with yet...ok maybe she didn't ask the last few just then, but they are never far from her mind. So no sis I did not wait, if they can't be on time then why do they own a business? Even if I did have someones contact info would I really call them and say "Dude what's up with the coffee shop being locked, I thought you were having a bible study there tonight" And yes I'm sure it was tonight, I read the bulletin yesterday with the info, and I'm pretty sure I'm not and idiot. 

Well maybe there isn't enough 20s-30s working singles in the area to constitute a bible study...maybe the church missed the "Starting April 4th" part. Who knows, but I'll keep you updated.

Thanks God: Fellowship with other believers is a big part of my walk of faith. I thank God for leading me to the church that is right for me and other avenues for fellowship.

9 Days Ago.

Exactly 9 days ago I moved back to my hometown after almost 11 years away. Sure I visited my family who lived here, a lot, but I lived in what I would consider metro areas for a third of my life. Let me give you some background to the situation.

I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, most if not all of my family is still in the same area. I have 2 older siblings Amy and Jason (who now lives in Vegas). After high school I moved to a metro area for college and since then I have traveled a lot. I worked for the same company for the past 11 years and in the month of January I quit my job. NO job lined up, no husband to pay the bills, no clue what I was doing. I just knew I couldn't do what I was doing any longer. Oh and you should know something that is pretty important to me is my relationship with God, so I knew I wasn't stepping out alone. Then in the beginning of March I decided to move in with my grandma and help her out.

Once this city girl decided to move back to her hometown things have gotten really interesting. I hope this blog will give people a smile, or a laugh. Give other caregivers hope and relief. Who knows maybe even inspire other Christians to give all they have to God and see what He does!

Thanks God: God doesn't always allow you to have a future vision. That's why it's called a walk of faith. He is working on me to be happy in the current step and not have to see what the next step is going to be. (This coming from someone who has always been a self proclaimed visionary and strategic thinker.)