Monday, March 28, 2011

9 Days Ago.

Exactly 9 days ago I moved back to my hometown after almost 11 years away. Sure I visited my family who lived here, a lot, but I lived in what I would consider metro areas for a third of my life. Let me give you some background to the situation.

I grew up on a farm in Nebraska, most if not all of my family is still in the same area. I have 2 older siblings Amy and Jason (who now lives in Vegas). After high school I moved to a metro area for college and since then I have traveled a lot. I worked for the same company for the past 11 years and in the month of January I quit my job. NO job lined up, no husband to pay the bills, no clue what I was doing. I just knew I couldn't do what I was doing any longer. Oh and you should know something that is pretty important to me is my relationship with God, so I knew I wasn't stepping out alone. Then in the beginning of March I decided to move in with my grandma and help her out.

Once this city girl decided to move back to her hometown things have gotten really interesting. I hope this blog will give people a smile, or a laugh. Give other caregivers hope and relief. Who knows maybe even inspire other Christians to give all they have to God and see what He does!

Thanks God: God doesn't always allow you to have a future vision. That's why it's called a walk of faith. He is working on me to be happy in the current step and not have to see what the next step is going to be. (This coming from someone who has always been a self proclaimed visionary and strategic thinker.)

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  1. How do I not know about this brother called Jason who lives in VEGAS?!