Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Thought Ice Makers Were a Basic Necessity For Living!

Like and the iPad I've always thought ice makers were the best things ever and that everyone had them. Not so much. I drink a lot of water. I know the analogy of "I drink more water than a fish" isn't true, so if anyone has a good drinking lots of water analogy let me know! I feel like I'm making ice all the time. My Grandma has room for 2, count them 2 ice cube trays in the freezer and a bucket thing below them to hold the already made ice. I think I am actually drinking less water than before just because I am always filling the ice cube trays and it drive me nuts. It's like when I go over to my sisters house and reach for a paper towel. She is always out! I feel as if she purposely uses them all right before I come over so I'm the one that has to go digging downstairs for more. Maybe thats a lesson to be more green in that area and use a washable towel instead. 

I do believe that having an ice maker would be more efficient. I let the water run, then I fill the cubes too full and dump water out. I would be totally willing to pay the $200 or more to get a waterline installed and buy the ice maker for the fridge. (Even though I'm unemployed, I'd be willing to eat noodles for life just to have a ice maker again) As my sister so wisely pointed out, the fridge is pretty old and spending even $100 would be a waste of money. I'm secretly hoping the fridge clunks out so we can get a new one!

Thanks God: No matter what stage of life you are in you have to get use to changes. Thank you for giving me the patience it takes to deal without an automatic ice maker. 

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  1. can you explain to me exactly what happens when a fridge "clucks" out? i'm not familiar with this and i have chickens... by the way, can you come over? i'm out of paper towels.