Monday, March 28, 2011

I paralleled parked for this?!

My sister told me about a bible study that was for 20s-30s working singles. Well I don't have the working part now, but I fit the rest of the criteria. It was just in her church's bulletin this Sunday. I thought why not. I'm pretty sure she thought "lets find her a husband" like she always does. I had a few really great bible studies in my last town and I miss the fellowship. I also haven't gotten around to searching for a church here so I thought this multi denominational bible study would be a great way to talk to people my age about the different churches in town.

So I got out of the pajama pants and went out into the snowy night. I make it seem like it was far away, but it only took me 3 minutes to get there. While I was parallel parking I noticed the coffee shop was pretty dark, but went on with parking (and no matter how good or how bad you are, no one likes to parallel park! If they say they do they are lying!) I walked up to the shop 2 minutes after this bible study started and the door was locked! Locked. I laughed to myself and then walked the few short steps back to my car. I sat there for a few minutes before laughing again and leaving.

On the way home I called my sister. (Despite anything that I might say in my blog she is my best friend and I love her dearly) Her response to my parallel parking joke was to retort with "I got out of my PJs for this?! Then she bombarded me with questions; are you sure it's tonight, was there contact info, why didn't you wait longer, what time is it now (she never knows what time it is), what are you making for lunch tomorrow, did you find a husband yet, do you have any children for my kids to play with yet...ok maybe she didn't ask the last few just then, but they are never far from her mind. So no sis I did not wait, if they can't be on time then why do they own a business? Even if I did have someones contact info would I really call them and say "Dude what's up with the coffee shop being locked, I thought you were having a bible study there tonight" And yes I'm sure it was tonight, I read the bulletin yesterday with the info, and I'm pretty sure I'm not and idiot. 

Well maybe there isn't enough 20s-30s working singles in the area to constitute a bible study...maybe the church missed the "Starting April 4th" part. Who knows, but I'll keep you updated.

Thanks God: Fellowship with other believers is a big part of my walk of faith. I thank God for leading me to the church that is right for me and other avenues for fellowship.

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