Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grandma Meet Netflix, Netflix Meet Grandma!

The other night I finally watched a Netflix DVD I've had for probably 4 weeks or more. Needless to say things have been pretty busy as of late (even without a job). My grandma was already in bed by the time I put the DVD in the pre-paid return envelope. As I walked around the kitchen I pondered where I should put the DVD so that I would remember to put it in the mailbox the next day. I decided the small desk space in the kitchen made the most sense. I put it return address up and went to bed.

The following morning I walked past the desk a few times and by the 10th time I noticed a Netflix DVD sitting there in the white sleeve, not the envelope. I was slightly confused to say the least! I asked my Grandma what happened there and she went into a rampage of "Well I don't know what that was, what is it, it was just sitting there this morning when I got up, this big red thing, so I opened it and that was what was inside! What is it?!"

I then tried to explain that sometimes I will have mail coming in that big red thing, and that I then have to send it back. She didn't understand and asked "Why would you want to do that?!" I tried a different route to explain that some movies I just don't want to buy and this was like renting them for a short time. That went a little better, but I think she still thinks I'm crazy.

I looked online how to return DVDs without the red envelope (thanking God that she didn't throw all of it way). I found a card envelope that didn't have a card and sent it off 2 stamps later. Do people really take things to the post office to weigh and post, or are they like me and stick a few stamps on it and call it good. Hopefully for the post office I'm over paying to ship things each year and keeping them in business.

Thanks God: Sometimes people do silly things that do not make much sense. Thank you God for your understanding and forgiveness when we do silly things that are not of you.


  1. LOVE it!! Your grandma sounds like what my mom would have sounded like at that age, I'm sure. :-) I read another blog where they just posted about having two Netflix DVDs with lost return envelopes so they've had them forever, not knowing what to do about it. Ha! It's an epidemic!!

  2. I got an email today that said Netflix has received my DVD! Mean Girls 2 is now coming my way, haha!