Friday, April 1, 2011

The Mystery Zone = The Dollar Store

The other day I decide to reorganize my Grandma's pantry. I love, love, love to organize things. I looked at a local retailer for some supplies but didn't find what I wanted. I looked online too, but yet again was not happy with what I found. I was about to put my organizing plans on hold till I could visit a bigger town and hope to find something at my favorite Target. My Grandma suggested I look at the local dollar store. I don't mean to sound snobby but I usually don't shop at the dollar store. I just don't think of it as an option when I need something. I don't even know were one is in the last city I lived in. But ok Grandma I'll try it.

My niece Julya (who is about to be 5) went with me on the first trip. I'm amazed at the random things the dollar store had to offer. I can't image the buyer at the corporate dollar store office saying "Yeah I think neon colored wind chimes are a great idea, they will be a hot seller". But I guess you never know. Some of the things found in a dollar store will surprise or scare you....maybe both. If you are ever bored and have nothing to do (like if you don't have a job) then visit your local dollar store for some free entertainment(unless neon wind chimes are your thing, then you might pay a few bucks).

My niece liked playing with the wind chimes while we waited in line to checkout. Yes surprised me to to find a line at the dollar store. We discussed the different material the chimes were made out of. I let her play for a bit until the old lady ahead of us smiled that smile that says your cute but you are annoying me. So I asked her to stop and she did. A little later the wind chimes rung louder and longer than before, it sound like wind chimes going though a dryer. I looked back thinking Julya was messing around, but no it was a lady running into the 2 story wind chime display with her cart (I'm pretty sure she was drunk, or on something by the way she reacted). After the lady somewhat composed herself and her friend composed the display Julya asked "How come she gets to play with the wind chimes?!"

3 trips to the dollar store later the pantry is organized and looking amazing. I guess I might have to put the dollar store on my list of options to shop, well maybe.

Thanks God: Wind chimes are ok, if you have one out side your door, but a display of neon ones is a little too much! Thank you God for children who ask questions and are never too much.

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