Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Am I Suppose To Care?!

On a highway that I travel frequently that passes though a small town somewhere in Nebraska there is a movie rental store. A few days ago I passed the sign and it said "Under New Management". What does that even mean, and why should I care? Does it mean they hired a new manager? If so how does that effect me and the hundreds of other that pass the sign. Does it mean someone sold it and another person bought it? If so wouldn't that mean it should say "Under New Ownership". I mean if someone did buy it I'm sorry they invested in a dying business, but maybe some towns/people don't know about the magic of Netflix yet. I just really don't understand why they used their outside sign to say "Under New Management".

Along the rental note, I found a VHS movie in my stuff that was from a gas station. This gas station no longer does rentals and I'm not even sure how I got it. This VHS must have been in my possession since the last time I lived here, which means I've had it with me for at least the past 11 years. Why have I been packing and unpacking this VHS for the last 11 years every time I moved to a new city or a new place? Did it go under my notice, or did I just think to myself, I'll watch that VHS on my non-existent VCR sometime soon?! I know 3 people who still use a VCR and that's it. I tried giving it to one of them and they didn't even want it. Maybe I should take it back to the gas station!

Thanks God: I cannot believe some of the thing people hang onto. Thank you God that once we give something to you, we can take it off our plates, or out of our hearts.

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