Thursday, April 7, 2011

Used Books Freak Me Out!

How do you sanitize used books? You can’t. I’m kind of a crazy when it comes to other people’s germs. I bought a bunch of DVD from 2 rental locations that were closing and I had to buy sanitizing wipes. I wiped down the inside, outside and disc of over 100 DVDs.  I even wash carrots before I peel them, and sanitized the lid of a can before opening it. My Grandma however does not share the same concerns as I do. I made ham salad when she wasn’t home, so she ate some out of the dog dish (used pickle jar) that had been sitting on the counter all day just to see what it tasted like.  I swear that lady has a rock solid stomach. Awhile back my friends took me to the ½ price book store; I had to confess my secret, and stayed in the new cookbooks area, but didn’t buy anything.

Until about 2 years ago I would never buy used books. Again there really is no way of sanitizing paper books! The only reason I bought used books was because I like to buy only hardcover books if I can. An author I got really into had a lot of hardcover books that were out of print and the only way to get them was to buy used. Most of the books were not even available in paperback now. Not knowing my feelings on the subject my friends couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to the ½ price book store yet. I didn’t even know they were almost only used books, otherwise I would have said why I stayed away. One night after dinner we had some time to kill before an art show. They decided that because we were in that part of town they would take me to the book store. When we got there I was excited to see what kind of books I’d be able to find there (this was before I quit my job so I had money to spend).

The four of us went our separate ways to search out our kinds of books. I started to notice almost immediately that the books were almost all paperback and badly worn. I perused some of the usual genres that I like but ended up like I said before in the new cookbooks once I realized all the ½ books were used. I’ll stick with thank you very much. So in the end I had to confess to my 3 friends that used books freak me out and I’d rather just spend the extra few dollars to get one owner books!

Thanks God: We all have our little hang-ups and idiosyncrasies. Thank you God that despite of or because of you love us all.

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