Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your Coupon Download Gave Me a Virus.

My sister is the most frugal person I know. Price matching, coupon cutting and now with the internet she can get her hands on even more coupons and deals. Now that I'm jobless I'm taking a few notes from her, but she is by far in a league of her own. The other day she wanted to print some coupons from a website. She was using my computer and apparently didn't really know what she was doing. She downloaded the coupon printing software 8 times, and I had already installed that same software for a Disney coupon a year ago. After she asked me what the deal was we figured out the site she was using wasn't working because I was able to print coupons from a different site. 

A few days later my anti-virus said I had a Trojan virus from the coupon printing program. 8 of them to be exact! I freaked out considering I had yet to renew the anti-virus software and it had been out of date for a month. After paying the money to renew the program I scanned for viruses. Thankfully there were no Trojans and I deleted the software 8 times. Next time she wants some coupons I think I should help her out from the beginning!

Thanks God: When it comes to computers and technology I think we all are flying blind at times. Thank you God that your protection is great enough for this fast paced, smart technology world!

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