Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Am Allergic to This County!

Today makes one month of living with my Grandma. I think the time has flown by but there is one thing making me mad. I think there is something about this county I am allergic to. For the past 2 months (one of getting the house spruced up and one of living) I have been sneezing uncontrollably. If I have been allergic to something in the past it has never really bothered me and I couldn't tell you what I was allergic to. But now for the past two months I've had to deal with itchy eyes, sneezing and other allergy symptoms. I even went as far as buying eye drops and medication to help with allergy symptoms, a first for me. I know you can develop allergies when you get older, I just hoped I wouldn't be one of those people after seeing my mom suffer for years from allergies.

Yesterday my Sister and I went to a metro area to see a movie. On the way back we were talking about my sneezing issues and what it could be from. I told her how it all started when I started working on our Grandma's house. This time frame also lines up with Spring so which is it? Do my allergies have to do with Spring and that also just happened to coincide with working on my Grandma's house and spending a lot of time there? Or do my allergies really have to do with something inside her house? I honestly think it might have something to do with her carpet, or something else. But while we were driving as soon as we entered our county I started sneezing again. So now my conclusion is I'm allergic to this whole county. If it's true it really is too bad because I don't plan on moving anytime soon! (more like I don't plan on moving my stuff anytime soon and I know those of you who helped move me are agreeing)

Thanks God: There are a lot of people who suffer from allergies. I can now sympathize with how those people feel, unfortunately! Thanks you God for your healing touch!

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  1. Benedryl is my everyday friend for allergies!! I know most people can't do that, though, so Zyrtec is awesome, just more expensive. There might be a high pollen count of something specific in your area that's making them act up.