Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Slept With a Fly Swatter Last Night!

I know it’s that time a year for gardens to be planted, lawns to be mowed and bugs to bother us (come alive I mean).  I know we live in Nebraska and bugs are a fact of life. I know God created bugs for a reason…I just wish that reason was not to bother me.

I’ve had issues with bugs and insects my whole life. It all started when I was little and had stitches on my chin and a butterfly landed on the stitches, needless to say I freaked out! Plus add to that the ticks and leeches and chiggers and misquotes and other random creepy crawlies when growing up on a farm. Fast-forward a few years and I think the issues have gotten worse. In my last house all my fly swatters were packed away somewhere in my garage. If I had a bug/spider issue in or around my house I’d pull out my vacuum and suck him and all of it’s friends and their homes up. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was nuts always “vacuuming” my deck, but I don’t care. I could stay far away from the bugs, and still get rid of them thanks to my vacuum attachments!

Another thing that creeps me out about bugs is that feeling you get after you see/kill one. Like last night, I came home and found a bug on the handle of the dryer. My first thought was where is the fly swatter (didn’t pull out the vacuum considering my grandma thinks her electric bill is already to high). My Grandma’s first thought was “What kind of a bug is it?” I don’t know Grandma, I know like 10 kinds of bugs and all the rest fall under creepy crawly. She had to see what kind of a bug it was before I killed it. Then I moved a rag that was drying out on the laundry room sink and a bug falls out from under that. I turned the water on and then put the drain cover on, I hope he can’t swim! Then 2 minutes later I go into my bedroom and behold a spider on the ceiling! I took care of him with a fly swatter and then had to vacuum up the ceiling dust and debris. Why I didn’t just vacuum him up in the first place I don’t know. Now even as I’m typing this I still have the creepy crawly feeling.

So it’s true I slept with a fly swatter on my night stand last night, but I did use a sanitize wipe on it after the spider died!

Thanks God: Spring time is wonderful, maybe a little less so if you have allergies or ongoing issues with bugs. Thank you God for the beauty of this planet and all your wonderful creatures, even the ones that have 8 or more eyes and legs!

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