Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Am I So Dirty?!

I am really excited to have a huge garden this year. Growing up I would help my Mom with her large garden, and over the past decade when I made it home I’d help my Grandma with hers. This year I’ll have my own garden, thanks to Grandma’s guidance. I have been planning my garden online and once it stops snowing here I’ll be able to get to work on it. Ever since I watched Food Inc. I’ve wanted to become more self sufficient in the food department.

We went shopping for seed potatoes at a local grocery store. I picked out 4 different types of potatoes and gathered them up into separate bags. When I was done I had mud and dirt all over my hands. I couldn’t figure out why, my Mom and Grandma did not have issues like I did. I got some napkins and put water on it from the soda fountain. About ten minutes later and way too many napkins I was clean.

A few hours later I put a lot of lotion on my hands. When you’ve been doing as much remodeling, yard work and handywoman type stuff live I have the past two months you need lotion. I don’t think I’ve had this many blisters on my hands since working in the fields. While rubbing in my lotion I realized why I was so dirty at the grocery store. Right before going to the grocery store I put 3 pumps of lotion on my hands. Note to any gardeners out there; if you are going to be in the dirt don’t lotion first!

Thanks God: We don’t always have understanding right away. Thank you God that though devotion and study understanding you is possible!

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