Monday, April 18, 2011

“It’s So Ugly We Might As Well Go Out!” – Grandma

The weather dictates my Grandma’s plans. Like many old people if it’s snowing, raining, too hot or any thing other than 60 and sunny they may not want to go outside. The other day it was sprinkling and my Grandma had me go to the grocery store for 1 item. When Nebraska had the freak snow storm this past Friday I figured she would want to stay home all day. I was discussing with my sister who was over with her 3 girls what I should make for lunch. My Grandma said “It’s so ugly we might as well go out!” She wanted a tuna salad sandwich, quite possibly the easiest thing to make at home. But instead of staying home all 6 of us forged though the storm and went to Subway. I guess I will have to rethink my theory about old people and the weather!

Thanks God: The weather in Nebraska will always keep us on our toes, and give people something to talk about. Thank you God for providing relief from the recent drought.


  1. Thats crazy talk! It snowed here all day =(