Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping with Your Sister is Fun, Just Don’t Let Her See What You Are Buying!

My sister and I have always enjoyed shopping together. I think at one point in time we use to be the same size for clothes and shoes. Unfortunately that didn’t last forever and my feet continued to grow. As for clothes, even after my sister gave birth to 4 children we are still not the same size. So, unless its pajama bottoms or sweatshirts we don’t really share clothes.

For quite a while my sister wore her college staples; jeans, t-shirts, flannel shirts and sweats. She never really was a fashionable sort of person, but then we did grow up on a farm, and my mother would not be considered a fashion icon. Yesterday my sister asked me what D&G stood for on cheap sunglasses. I’m not sure where I got my fashion skills from, I guess I’d consider myself somewhat fashionable in high school, but I think I really found my own style in college and the years beyond. A couple years ago my sister (with her husband’s encouragement) let me give her a makeover. Hair that wouldn’t automatically go into a pony tail and other things to wear with jeans that did not include something you could buy at a grocery store.

The makeover went great and she has received a lot of complements on her new look. Since I’ve now taught her the basics she can shop on her own and she does pretty well. We still disagree about some things, like her apprehension to heels, and mine to faux suede boots and jackets. She also has a few factors to keep in mind that I don’t, like child friendly material and if breast feeding is easy or not in certain tops.

A few weeks ago my sister, my grandma, the 3 girls and myself made a day trip to a metro town. While we were shopping we both spied a cardigan. To be fair she did point it out, and saw it first. (I’m sure shopping while unemployed is not recommended, but there are just some things you “need” when the seasons change)  I’m not sure if we realized we both purchased the same cardigan in the same color or not but that following Sunday we were both wearing it. I guess now we will have to call each other to make sure the other is not wearing it.

Thanks God: Sisters are great and sometimes a pain. Thank you God that you give us people in our lives to share the good and the bad times with (and shopping).

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