Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25

Who knew driving 25 mph would feel fast when you don’t have a job. This is coming from someone who in response to the question how long does it take to drive somewhere I say, “Depends on how fast you drive”. This also comes from a girl who lived in a metro area where 45 mph speed limits turned into 55, minimum. I guess having no job and no kids you don’t really need to drive 25. Last week I was following my sister into town who said “What took you so long, you were driving like Grandma!” I guess It takes being out of work to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Thanks God: I suggest slowing down and taking some time for yourself today. Thank you God that if we are either busy and running around, or on a slow track your creation holds beauty for us to behold, if we just take a look.

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