Saturday, April 2, 2011

"I Didn't Know You Could Cook!" -Mom

My mother is great, when I was growing up she was a stay at home mom and helped out with the farming. Almost every meal was home cooked, only problem was she never really taught us how to cook (other than cookies). Over the past 11 years I've been out of my parents house I've learned a few things. 7 of those years I lived alone (happily). If you have every lived by yourself you know its pretty hard to cook for just 1 person. I consider myself a leftover queen, but a lot of these recipes are just too much food for one person. Also I've been busy with my career and other things and sometimes you just don't have time to cook.

Since moving in with my Grandma I've been cooking most of our meals, plus all of our Sunday family dinners (well it's an all day affair so lunch and dinner). Some have been my Grandma's ethnic dishes and she tells me what to do, some have been my recipes and some are from my favorite iPad app I actually enjoy cooking and now that I can cook for more than 1 person I'm finding I enjoy it even more. Also when you don't have a job you have more time for cooking. At my old home when I cooked I would jam out and dance and sing along with music on my iPod (no my blog is not an advertisement for Apple products). I'd put my armband and headphones on and just have fun with it. The other day my Grandma and I were talking about the dances she use to go to with my Grandpa, she asked if I liked to dance. My response was not in public! I think if i started cooking like I did in my last house I'd scare my Grandma and everyone else out of the house!

One time while I was cooking my whole family was over. My Mom said "I didn't know you could cook!" My Grandma and my Sister agreed in unison. I had to explain to them that there was no reason to cook when they came to visit for many reasons. 1. there were better options for eating out. 2. I don't own a dining room table, so when we did eat at my house everyone would just sit on the kitchen floor. (With kids and off white carpet, tv trays just are not a good options) 3. I never had enough food in my house to make much of anything, as a single person chicken and rice is good eating. 4. I couldn't do my dancing and singing routine with everyone around. I could go on but I won't.

So now I'm on a mission to show my family how good of a cook I am, even if I can't dance and sing while doing so. Tonight dinner was so good my Mom asked me to write the recipe down for her. Every time I make a dish my Grandma goes into how good it is, but how she would never make it if she was here by herself. The teriyaki sauce I used to her was like an alien sauce!

Thanks God: There are so many wonderful varieties of food . Thank you God for providing us with so many options for food, and for providing for those who plates are not as full.

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  1. i may pay to see such a singing, dancing cooking type show... well if i had a job and could afford such quality entertainment that is... (: