Monday, April 4, 2011

“I’d Rather Watch Yogi Bear Than Go To Church.” - Grandma

My Grandma's church has Saturday night mass. I've taken my Grandma to church, and she goes with my sister or me to different churches, but she doesn't get to her church very often. This past Saturday she decide she was going to drive herself to church. While she was getting ready (an hour early) my Mom and I decided to watch a movie while we waited for a coat of paint to dry. My mom doesn't like very many movies so we usually have to stay in the G and PG ratings, PG13 pushes it sometimes. We decide on the new Yogi Bear.

While we had the movie going, my Grandma came downstairs and started watching it. A little while later she looks at her watch and says "I'd rather watch Yogi Bear than go to church." So she stayed home and watched the rest of Yogi Bear with us.

Thanks God: Movie choices that everyone can agree on can be a challenge, and sometimes you randomly pick one that everyone likes. Thank you God that we can spend time with you outside of the 4 walls of church.

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