Monday, April 4, 2011

“I Didn’t Know That Window Could Open!” – Mom

While my Grandma and I were sitting in my Mom’s van waiting for her we got hot.  I decide to open the window from the 2nd row, why I didn’t open the door I don’t know considering the manual window opens about 2 inches, if that. On the way home my Mom heard the road noise coming from the open window. She kept looking back and almost got into an accident a few times. She asked where the noise was coming from. I told her I had the window open, she responded with “I didn’t know that window could open!” My Mom has owned the van for awhile, like 5-10 years or maybe even more. Once we got home I had to show her how the window opened and closed.

Thanks God: There are a lot of things that slip our notice. Thank you God that not even the hairs on our head go unnoticed by you.

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