Monday, April 25, 2011

This Is The Best Thing Ever!

I would consider myself a very Green person. I watch my consumerism as well as shop green and recycle. I reuse and re-purpose. At my last company I was always challenging others to conserve and recycle wherever I saw the opportunity. I also push others, including my own family, to recycle as much as possible. For years I have taken my recycling items to a site. I always saw the little green totes the garbage company offered that would blow away and dump everything all over the place because they had no lid. Plus they are so small, I don’t think they would hold one week worth of things I recycle.

I saw and advertisement in the paper for curbside pickup of recyclables where you had a full size trashcan to put them in. Plus you earn rewards by the amount you recycle. They take plastics # 1-7! And you don’t have to separate anything! This is the most amazing thing ever, plus when you signed up you get 2 months for free. Needless to say I signed up and had two pickups already. How did you celebrate Earth Day?! I was pretty sad when I heard Lowe's was giving away free trees, I was pretty tempted to drive to my Lowe's, but the emissions from my car for the drive there would defeat the purpose. My Grandma's neighbor even asked about the service.

Thanks God: We should all do our part to help our planet, and if passionate enough encourage others to do their part as well. Thank you God that you gave us so much to be stewards of.

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  1. We love our Recycle Bank 90-gallon bin that's as big as our trash can!! I'd say we probably fill it faster than our than actual trash can, which is a good thing in our book. Good for you!!